which one??

  1. I am all confused! I cam only afford one, but which one??? Either the speedy 25 I can buy it cheaper than the papillon 30 which I also like or the small cancun bag??? help!!!!:confused1:
  2. the papillon 30 one;) hehehe
  3. Epi Speedy 25 :yes:
  4. speedy 25!
  5. Speedy 25. You won't regret this classic bag carried by Audrey Hepburn!!
  6. would u say the speedy 25 is a day bag? I kinda think it looks like a small sort of luggage piece?
  7. speedy
  8. Wow, way different choices....your best bet, if possible in to go to the store and 'play' with them all.
  9. Speedy 25! It's definitely not a luggage piece nor does it look like one :yes: And it works very well as an everyday bag.
  10. It does look a bit like that, but is the most well rounded piece, IMO, out of the choices you listed.
  11. Speedy 25
  12. speedy 25. you won't regret it. Relatively inexpensive and a GREAT everyday bag. Get it!!!
  13. TOUGH decision, I can't decide....
  14. For me, it's between the Speedy 25 and the Papillon 30... My vote goes towards the Papillon!
  15. I know, I can never make a decision! It took me 2 weeks of looking on eBay t decide on a cabas piano bag"!!!