Which one?

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  1. I want a nice summer bag, which one?

    The Suhali L'Aimable in blue
    The MC ALMA
    The MC Trouville
    The Houston in Framboise
    p10730912_ph_hero.jpg p10020144_ph_hero.jpg p10470348_ph_althero_White.jpg p10598667_ph_hero.jpg
  2. #1 and #3 are the most summery
  3. The Houston in Framboise.. this is such a great colour! its great for summer and im sure it will hold lots! its just so cute!!! :nuts:

    good luck on what you decide!
  4. I like the vernis and the MC Alma.
  5. Framboise Houston, definitely! :love:
  6. ^^^^^ Ditto
  7. I love the framboise houston. It's fresh and new. The others are kinda so-five-minutes-ago.
  8. The Houston from those choices!
  9. My choice is the Houston bag. It has a fun summer look to it.

    Besides, I think the Suhali is pretty but not for the ocassion you want to use it for. I don't why but I feel the time has passed with the MC collection.
  10. Ditto on the Framboise! That color is so brilliant! I do love the Suhali in blue also. Is this going to be more formal wear?
  11. I say Houston and Alma or for more relax summer bags The suhali in blue is beautiful but the look is a little more formal so it really depends on what looks are you looking for.
  12. In my opinion the suhali in blue is not formal at all. I think it would look great with a t shirt in jeans, but i do seehow i won't be able to wear it with a summer dress. hmm decisions decisions.
  13. i like both the MC pieces...very summer-y
  14. Number 2 wins hands down!!!!!
  15. MC trouville, in white. I love it !
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