Which one??????????

  1. I just bought two bags at the Coach outlet and one at TJ Maxx.

    I haven't taken pictures of the bags yet, but here are auctions on ebay for these bags. Which one should I keep?

    eBay: NEW AUTHENTIC MICHAEL KORS LEATHER QUILTED SHOPPER (item 140055811273 end time Nov-28-06 10:41:53 PST)

    eBay: New COACH BLACK Soho Business E/W Pocket Tote Bag 6468 (item 300050741060 end time Nov-28-06 10:58:59 PST)

    eBay: COACH BLACK PEBBLED LEATHER CHELSEA TOTE PURSE BAG (item 160054961374 end time Nov-26-06 19:36:31 PST)
  2. i vote for the 2nd one. it looks classic but not too plain, so you may get more use out of it.
  3. I prefer No.1. :yes:
  4. I prefer the first one too!
  5. i like the third one, the black coach tote
  6. I vote for #1
  7. I like #1 best
  8. #1.
  9. No 1 :yes:
  10. They're all great, but I'd probably keep #1 if I could only keep one.
  11. I like #2 - I saw it at the Coach outlet this weekend - so pretty! #1 is my second favorite.
  12. Number 1 but I also like the classic sleekness of number 2....really depends on if you like the color of number 1 since the other two are black and maybe that is your preferance?
  13. Sorry sweetie, I can't help you. None of them is my style. :shrugs:
  14. I vote #3. A good basic color to have with the tan handle giving it a little flair.
  15. Thank you everyone. I like the first one too. I actually have it in black. Got it at TJ Maxx for $180, which is the cheapest of all three.