Which one?

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Which bag should I get?

  1. Small croc embossed toffee sophia

  2. Small brown kristin satchel

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Can you help me decide girls? I already have two croc bags, so I'm second guessing the toffee sophia in small and thinking of this kristin satchel. I'm okay with small bags and these are about the same size I think....

    So should I get the small toffee sophia even though I have two more croc bags (purple and black)


    Should I get the brown kristin satchel?

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  2. What about the Kristin pleated satchel?? I love that one a whole lot more. But if it's between these two then I'd say the Kristin satchel. I've seen the Sophia's in person and I was not a big fan.
  3. I vote for Kristin. I am not feelin that toffee croc as well as others...and the Kristen seems like it would be more...organized.
  4. Hmm, that's tough. I prefer the shape of the Sophia to the Kristin, but I'm not sure about the Croc since you have two other Croc bags. But the material looks a lot richer on the toffee bag... One selling point for the Kristin is that you can use the leather cleaner and moisturizer on it (which you can't with the croc).
  5. Well I haven't seen teh pleated kristin in person. I do love how it looks but some girls on here mentioned that she's quite heavy?
  6. It is definitely heavy! That's without any stuff in it, too. Though the design is cute.
  7. I voted for the sophia, she seems spunky and would look FAB with any outfit. The kristin seems classy and a bit plain to me. IMO, the kristin line doesn't catch my eye.
  8. Kristin satchel, for the compartments and outside pocket!
  9. I voted for Sophia; they are both beautiful bags, but Sophia is really special.
  10. Are you getting Sophia in any other style? If so than get the Kristin Satchel...
  11. I really like the Croc Toffee Sophia. It is a really pretty classic style bag.
  12. I like the kristin satchel!
  13. I love the look of the croc Sofia .... and I think it can definitely grab more attention than the Kristin. It'll be perfect for going out but it can be great for work, too, with bonus edginess, IMO.

    I also love the simplicity of the Kristin and how it is more organized. It looks classy at work but it will also look sophisticated at play, IMO.

    Sorry, I'm not that much help coz both are really great and I think you can make any of the two work for you. :yes:

    Well, good luck on your decision! :biggrin:
  14. I'll get the brown Kristin cos she is such a classy lady. I'm not a fan of sophia as well.
  15. Pls get the Sophia - she is SMOKING Sexy