Which one?


Which would YOU chose?

  1. Modern Chain Hobo

  2. Baby Cabas

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  1. I went to SCP this weekend and went into the Chanel store. I am debating (I know I'm on a purse ban.. But with Xmas AND my Bday coming up.. Hmm) between the black modern chain hobo or the black baby cabas (I'm on the wait list). I love both... But I need help from you wonderful PFer's if you don't mind??? Thank you in advance!:love:
  2. Can you post pics please? :yes:
  3. i know the baby cabas is very hot and "now", but i think the MC might be a longer-lasting, less trendy bag.
  4. If I had to choose between the two, it would be the Cabas.
  5. Not sure if the Cabas will stand the test of time. I vote Modern Chain.
  6. I totally agree. I voted MC tote.:love:
  7. Because I think the Cabas is trendy--I vote for the Modern Chain Tote.
  8. Is the choice mc tote or mc hobo? If hobo, I vote for the cabas.
  9. Good question Toni. I change my vote from Hobo to Cabas. I read into it too much. I don't like the hobo at all.:Push:
  10. Thanks guys!!! I think It'll be the BC if I can get a hold of the one I'm waiting for. I love how it has a cosmetic pouch!!! CHANEL RULES!