Which one?

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  1. Hi Lady's, so I want your opinions on the Sabrina, should I get it in 12957, or 12948? This will be my first coach handbag, I have makeup bags and wristlets, but since I became a member here I want some handbags, everone has lovely bags! :biggrin:
  2. I don't know what bags you are speaking of..I don't know style #'s...Pic.s would be more helpful or a description....;)
  3. Oh! I don't have a computer and my phone will not let me post pics sorry! :sad:
  4. Can you tell me if they are leather, siggy etc. Colors????
  5. leather the color is camel!
  6. Is one large and the other small....If so I'd say go with the large especially if you carry alot...Sabrina is a nice bag...Good Luck..
  7. i would get the large also, unless you particularly like smaller bags you will be happy with the small
  8. Thanks ladys :smile:
  9. Ooh. Camel is pretty. I have the sabrina in large and regular size. I say go with the large!
  10. i like the large best to.
  11. It looks like the 12957 is the small patent, and the 12947 is the large patent. I just did a quick ebay search. I have a black small Sabrina and she is lovely. But she's being relegated to evening bag status, because she is so little. I love her to death though - she is still my favorite Coach. I just can't have EVERYTHING I like to have with me on a day-to-day basis when I carry her. One of my cosmetic bags has to stay home, and my sunglasses won't fit either.
  12. I guess I will go with the bigger one thanks so much ladys! I carry alot, like diapers, wipes(to much) lol!
  13. I have 3 of the larger Sabrina's and they're the perfect size. I like leather more too, as a general rule. Enjoy your Sabrina....welcome to our world!
  14. Go for the large!
  15. I think you would be better off with the large Sabrina. I have the large Sabrina and it fits everything including reading glasses and sunglasses. I love her and she is beautiful to carry, get many compliments.
    Enjoy your puchase!