which one??

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  1. Ok my lovely lv people it's time for a new bag...I really like damier nf mm..i like the size and the interior is tdf but....the bloomsburry pm is catching
    my eye as well with that lovely pleat and... it just looks so darn cute and functional...which do you ladies perfer?
  2. I like Bloomsbury PM but I think it also depends on how much you plan on carrying, NF could be roomier.
  3. NF .. U can carry alot more in it..
  4. My vote's for the NF. Gorgeous interior and so practical and useful!
  5. I like the Bloomsbury much more. Much more quality in how it's made.
  6. I have the Bloomsbury PM and it is really spectacular. Very cute and comfortable.

    I also agree that it is a better design than the NF.
  7. Both! LOL. Depends on your use. If you're going to use it a lot, I'd get the NF. It has more room... I plan on getting the Damier NF MM this weekend! ^_^ I've been pushing it off for a few months, because I was debating between it and another bag, also!
  8. Bloomsbury, cross body bags are so useful imo!
  9. I say get the NF. I have one and it is so handy.
  10. I like the Bloomsbury better.
  11. Bloomsbury.
  12. I prefer NF because I like shoulder bag and NF can fits so much stuff in it. It is such a good everyday bag! ;)
  13. Neverfull
  14. I think bloomsbury is too cute!
  15. Love them both but would probably go with the NF. The Bloomsbury does not hold that much. The NF holds TONS