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  1. Help - I need a fairly inexpensive big bag for everyday (I'm saving to buy myself a killer bag for Christmas - probably by Nov !). All mine are either too small or too summery & I don't want to carry my fendi spy to work. I've found 2 that I'm in definite near-love with (different attractions to each) on sale @ Zappos but the sale ends tomorrow & I have to decide. They're brands I've never owned before & was wanting some opinions or if you don't like either, give me some new ideas. Plus, I work 60 - 70 hours a week (college instructor - music/recording) & am taking online courses in my spare time so there's no way I'll be going shopping anytime soon so I really need some help! Here they are -

    A francesco biasia ($139.00 !!!!)

    An Emily (about $170.00, I think -


    Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  2. I am not familiar with the Emily brand, but own a Biasia that I love. The leather quality is very good (there are other threads in this forum where you can read up on this designer). Also- consider is the satchel vs. hobo...it sounds like you are a busy woman and to me a satchel is easier to get in and out of :smile:
  3. Thanks betnyp ! That's the one I'm leaning towards ! Besides the practicality, I think the color will go with everything + the price is great. Good info on the leather - that was one thing I was wondering about.
  4. I've owned Basia bags, excellent quality. I really like the Basia, the style reminds me of a Chloe bag but, don't care for the color.
  5. Thanks for the info pursemama. I like the color but it's my one reservation about the bag - wish it was a little less "pinky" - more tan; but I think it will blend well with everything & am pretty sure it will grow on me. I think they had a black but I wear a lot of brown & navy & don't have time to change bags during the work week. I do worry about how it will go with khaki but I have so many different shades of khaki clothes, I don't think any color would match them all! Oh well, it's Zappos & I think they're really good about returns (free shipping both ways) so if hate it, I think I can probably return it fairly easily. :>
  6. forgot to add that with the price so low, i'll be able to buy shoes to match woo-hoo !!!!
  7. I like the Emily bag!
  8. Lola - What do you know about Emily handbags ? Is it a good brand - good quality? The other 2 posters liked the Basia but the Emily really appeals to my funkier side. I just wonder how it will hold up.
  9. i personally like the emily bag...
    but the biasia is more formal that can be used for more formal occasion
  10. Emily bag!!!