Which One??

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  1. Hi TPF'ers! I'd like your opinions on which flap style bag I should get as my first Chanel....its between the med/large black caviar w/ silver hardware OR the 2.55 metallic black with black hardware?? I love them both and I like the versatality of the 2.55 cause it'll go with EVERYTHING, but I've always wanted the classic flap with s/h...what do you all think?
  2. as your first iw ould go for the classic.. but if you love the reissue more than eget that .. tis all about eprsonal preference.. the reissue from far ppl who are not VERY familiar with chanel will know it.. where as the interlocking CC are knwon by all..

  3. When you see both bags in reality, which one makes your heart melts at first sight is the first bag you should go with :smile: Follow your heart.
  4. They are both fantastic bags but I would go with the classic flap as a first choice. Good luck!
  5. I would do the classic first. It's really eye catching.
  6. I always thought I wanted the classic flap first, but once I saw the reissue I was done for, it was the reissue for me! I agree with fufu, go with the one you love! I will say that just because I got the reissue does not mean I don't want a classic flap, because I do, lol! Be careful! Chanel is addicting!
  7. Get the reissue and you can always get a classic flap later.:yes:

    Might as well, start obsessing with the rest of us.:P
  8. I agree!!
  9. Try both on and see which one you like better. It may be easier to decide that way. :yes:

  10. I face the same thing that you did ! I also thought i wanna get the classic as the first flap but i end up getting all reissues instead . haha.

    Agree with the rest. Get something you fall in love with in first sight. LIke what i did with my first reissue :graucho:
  11. classic!
  12. we have so many chanel addicts here, Hurrary!!

    ngoswami: I'm sure you will find your true love first chanel bag, and remember to post the pictures here when you gotten your bag :smile:
  13. Completely agree with Fufu on this one!
  14. Thanks for all your input!! I've decided to go with the black metallic reissue with black h/w since its harder to get. Apparently its sold out throughout Canada! So I ordered mine from Saks and got the EGC to go with it! Yayy!! And if I get it and dont LOVE it, then I'll exchange it for the classic flap :smile:
  15. i was gonna say reissue cuz of the same reason is harder to find now in that hardware and get classic later on, or like u said exchange it if u dont feel the groove, congrats!! post modeling pics when u get it.