which one?

  1. well im going to buy one of these. which one do u think i should get?

    the monogram mini hl sac
    the monogram wapity

    or do you think i should get both?:yes: :yes: :nuts:
  2. Both, lol, but if I had to choose I would go for the wapity
  3. Depends on what it's for. To use inside another bag, I'd get the wapity. To use as it's own bag, I'd get the mini HL. Personally, I prefer the wapity if you're not getting the long strap for the mini HL to wear cross body.
  4. personally, i feel like the Mini HL is not worth the price. you can use the Wapity as an accessory pouch and still use it as a bag on its own. i have the Mono and white Multcolore Wapity, and i've used them on their own when i go out at night before.
  5. wapity!!! mc line is cuter than mono :P
  6. the WAPITY! it's so useful!
  7. I'd go with the Wapity too.
  8. Wapity.
  9. I love the Wapity, it is just so darn cute!
  10. Wapity.
  11. wapity
  12. sure you should get both! j/k

    i prefer the wapity, it's so cute! :love:
  13. im trying to fit a cellphone, credit card, cash and some change
  14. ^^ The wapity is the perfect size to fit all those items. I love mine!!
  15. I'll vote Wapity! If your cell phone is small it'll fit and you can fit your credit card and cash in the side pocket. I love that it's a wristlet and not handheld too.:love: :smile: