which one??

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  1. hey everyone im going to buy a new chanel bag soon , but i havent decided which one and i was wondering if i could get your opinions or maybe a suggestion to a bag that i have not thought about

    heres what im thinking:

    1) jumbo in caviar with gold hardware
    2) pst with zipper tote
    3) accordian flap in black
    4) rodeo drive bag in black
    5) gst...i really love this but , but the problem is that i usually only wear bags that have zippers and that might bother me a little....

    please tell me which one you think i should get and why, or maybe theres a bag you think is even nicer than some of the ones i have suggested.

  2. What Chanels do you have now and how will you use this purse? I love the classic flap because you can dress it up or down, but are you looking for a more casual bag?
  3. I love my classice flap!
    If you want more room, go witht he GST.
  4. right now i have the luxury ligne bowler in black
    i would wear the flap on a daily basis and the fact that it could be dressed up or down is a plus for me.
  5. I love the accordion. So cute and practical. My second choice would be the jumbo. The PST looks too small to me for what it's meant to be, and if you're used to a zipper, I'm not sure you'd like the GST.
  6. gst
  7. jumbo caviar flap with gold hardware
  8. Is the accordian flap a new classic? cause I didn't see it on the Chanel site under classics. I am planning to purchase this bag for my Bday in Oct. and I hope it's gonna be there.
  9. I would get the accordion or the jumbo.
  10. Jumbo caviar
  11. jumbo or the GST... they are the must haves!
  12. my first pic is the jumbo.. because it is a staple every chanel fanatic must have!!! and second, GST! :tup:
  13. Jumbo. I have several. :nuts: It is such a classic & beautiful bag & very roomy. It is also comfortable on the shoulder - not too heavy. :okay:
  14. Hi I would go with the Jumbo if you dont have one .or wait for the fall stuff to come in Good luck :smile:
  15. Another vote for the GST.