Which one?

  1. Ok. Which one do you think is worse?

    Purse A -


    Can you see the nick just above the right of the zipper?

    Purse B -


    This one has a scratch on it. I hope you can see it. I like the leather on the first one better.

    What would you do?
  2. If you like the leather on the first one better, I would say go with the first one!
  3. ^^ ditto. go for the one with the best leather :yes:
  4. So the nick wouldn't bug you?
  5. I don't think the nick would bother me too much - I agree with both ivylouwho and nicole2730. I would go with the first bag, especially if it has better leather! The scratch on the second bag looks much worse. But, if they are both really bothering you, maybe they should both go back?
  6. Yeah, I was thinking of maybe trying to get another one. But the rate at which they seem to all have something, I am wondering if I should even bother.
  7. Allisonfaye - your avatar is the most precious thing EVER!
  8. I pick the first one ... I think it's less obvious then #2, and you said you liked the leather on it better.
  9. Get the first one. The leather is nicer and the small nick is really insignificant and you would hardly see it unless you're looking at it blown up. It's really small, and it'll make you relax about the horrid moment when your bag gets its first injury, since it's already there. I like when my bag already has a tiny injury, so I won't freak out should my clutzy ass hit it against a jagged wall...(last weekend :push:smile:
  10. Yup, no.1 :nuts:
    I will always go for the better leather..And perhaps if you mousturize it, the small nick will be less obvious?
  11. Purse A. :yes:
  12. I agree that the nicked one has great leather..also agree that moisturizing would help it a lot..but if all you will see is the blemish ..then best send both back.. it's too much money to be stuck with something that will bother you each time you look at it..could you dab just that tiny spot with a q-tip of Bbag moisturizer and see if it helps?
  13. I say #1 too. Better leather rules!!!
  14. Ditto. The little flaw isn't all that noticeable.
  15. the flaw on #1 is only noticable b/c the picture looks like it's been taken with pin point LOL, i bet nobody IRL will even notice :p i say go for 1!