Which one??

  1. Ok gals, in my quest for a 'lighter' color bag I could use help-- I tend to gravite to metallics, patents and darker colors, --I've been on a quest for a Chloe light colored bag. The choices are: Roche Bay hobo, Nuage capsule tote, or Edith in mastic (two still have tags and can be returned). One or two MUST GO, I'm having a hard time choosing. The Bay hobo is much lighter in weight and very user friendly. The Capsule tote --what can I say, I love the style and color, but, of course, it is heavy, and the Edith, a great staple bag, and great color, but I already have an Edith. I'm tall, so I can pull off any one of these bags. Soooooo, which do you prefer (I know, I'm the one who will carry it, but I want them all!!) BTW, I got a GREAT price on all of them, that's why it's so hard:confused1:
    chloe 08 004.jpg chloe 08 006.jpg chloe 08 007.jpg
  2. Decisions, decisions...
    Ok, here's my proposal... you keep one and I'll gladly take the other two:p...

    I like the Edith best, though the bay is very nice... Do you already have a Bay? It looks very practical... I'd probably settle for this one since you have an Edith... :yes:
  3. Oh yea, I forgot, I have a black quilted Bay.....which I love!!
  4. I like the bay and the edith, i've never been too keen on the capsule tote, and if it's heavy I say send it back and keep the other two. They are quite different and I think u'd get a lot of wear out of both.
  5. I like the Bay. It's different enough from the quilted bay that it's OK to keep as well...
  6. I think my favourite is the Edith but I guss it depends on whether you need a bag that you can wear on your shoulder or not, if so I'd go for the Bay. Now of course if I had this dilemma, I just know I'd end up finding a way of justifying keeping two out of the three ;) !
  7. Have to say the only one i like is the Edith.
  8. Yep, that's my thing........,justifying, I'm real good at it;)
  9. I think the edith is really cute in that color. Of the three the paddington does the least for me. If you already have a bay - and don't have an edith - I'd def go for the edith :yes:
  10. 1,. Bay, light and user-friendly. Can wear as shoulder bag, leather is resistant to scratches, can be used as an everyday bag, where business docs can easily fit, or as a weekend bag.

    2. Edith. Simply classics. Fantastic color....everything same as the bay except it can only be hand-held

    3. paddy. Way too heavy to be used as an everyday bag. Or even as a weekender if one plans to shop for more Chloe bags...
  11. I agree, my least favourite is the capsul paddy. I'd say either the Edith or the Bay hobo.

    The nice thing about the bay hobo is that it can be carried on the shoulder.
  12. My fav is the Edith, but Bay is very close second!
  13. I'd keep the bay, since it's a shoulder bag. I've just come to realize I really prefer them most days. I love love love the Mastic Edith strictly for looks. If you just need something pretty to look at.:love:
  14. I'm the odd person out, I really like the Paddy tote! But that Mastic Edith is simply gorgeous. My opinion lies to where my eye is initially drawn to and that was the Edith baby. Also my eye keeps going back to it.
  15. ^^^I'm with susie on this one. The Edith is my first choice -- she's GORGEOUS :love:! But, if you need a bag that can be worn over your shoulder, my vote is for the Capsule Tote -- also STUNNING :tup::heart:! I am a huge fan of the Bay, but think some of Chloe's best colors are in the Bay line, so feel that this one just doesn't do it justice. No matter what, you simply can't go wrong with any of these!