which one?

  1. ladies, help me to choose one,
    299591478.jpg m1.jpg
  2. They are really diffrent but I prefer the "ruffled" booties I think they will be more versatile than the Miss Fred.
  3. It depends on your personal style and wardrobe, but I'd say the second pair is easier to match up to most outfits. The first pair is more "out-there" and could look hot on the right person with the right outfit.
  4. Yep 2nd pair, really directional....love them!
  5. I love the second pair!
  6. i say the metallika too. rrzhao, i saw a pair today at david jones and i thought they looked gorgeous. the other one might be a bit too seasonal but if you love them, i say go for it.
  7. metallikas.... more versatile than the Miss Freds
  8. I also vote for the Metallikas!
  9. I have the Metallicas, but they are very uncomfortable. I found they must run a full size small because I went up a half size and they are a bit too small. They look great and will be more versatile, just make certain you can get the correct size.
  10. I have the Metallikas as well--I went up a full size. They're really cute and quite comfortable as long as you get a size that fits you. (I would choose these over the first pair.)
  11. METALLIKA!!!!!!!!!

    I have them in Anthacrite (grey) and Black Patent.... LOVE them!!! They are so versatile, great with skirts or jeans... note they are a 5 inch heel w/o platform so they can be a bit tricy at first however the bootie cut makes them secure on your foot. Secondly, I too sized up one full size.



    I have a pair myself & they are super comfy! you're going to have tons of fun with them.
  13. Just to go against the flow - I have the Miss Fred's and I wear them with everything. I was a bit apprehensive when I first ordered them - I did wonder if they would look, dare I say it with CLs, a bit tacky? But I love the fact that they have that Victorian lady-like thing going on from the front that works with skirts and trousers for work, then that edgy hardness of the gold stiletto on the heel. I've had loads of compliments on them - but I did have to go up a full size for them to be comfortable.

    Metallikas could be more flexible but it's whatever you're comfortable with...shoes could be the coolest on the planet but if you're not happy in them they'll never work for you :shrugs: