Which one?


Which one?

  1. Trouville in Mono

  2. Ribera MM

  3. Alma in Damier

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  1. Please vote!


    Ribera MM

    Alma in Damier

    I want all of these bags. Which do you think I should go with first?

    I have speedy in Damier, do you think I should even consider Ribera MM? Do they look too similar to you?

  2. alma or trouville..
  3. My vote is for the Trouville. I only like the Alma in MC.
  4. Hmm, it's a tough decision because all 3 are quite nice. But since you've already bought the Damier Speedy, I voted for the mono Trouville - just to add some variety to your collection.
  5. get the Ribera MM, and a Multicolore Trouville! :lol:
  6. Trouville for me!:yes:
  7. I love that Alma :yes:
  8. Trouville
  9. I vote for the Alma.
  10. Ribera MM
  11. hey ya! i voted for the Alma!!! i think its just a classic LV bag!!! Maybe you should get it in Monogram??? good luck!
  12. I vote for the Ribera mm.......but im biased because i love the shape of the bag....
  13. I Voted For The Ribera (Though I Love Them All!).....I Should Have Read Further About The Damier Speedy.......Now, I Definitely Say Mono Trouville!!! :smile:
  14. Agreed! :yes:
  15. The Alma, Looks very sophisticated. :smile: