Which One?

  1. So, I got this from DH in my stocking. But he said that there was another that he thought I'd like better. The store just didn't have it in stock for pickup. He told me to feel free to exchange if I'd like. I mainly want the bag for change and maybe to hold a cc or license if I run somewhere without my purse. Have you seen both and which do you prefer??

    He bought this...


    Exchange for this??

  2. I like the coin pouch much better than the wristlet - I think you should keep what you have! It's very cute. :yes: I have a Legacy Stripe coin pouch and I love it!!
  3. to run somewhere w/o your purse I would pick the wristlet, but size wise, it's not very big compared to some of the others. the coin purse is adorable tho, i think i would keep that one.
  4. I think the change purse is cutier....but can you put your lic. in there.
  5. I really like the coin purse; It's so cute! I would keep that unless you want something with more space :yes:
  6. Keep the one you have. It is so cute.
  7. Although I like the wristlet, I think the coin purse is really cute too! You should just keep it! :yes:
  8. Maybe I need them both?? :yes:
  9. yup, i think you do need them both! the wristlet to keep ur license +credit cards and the coin purse for ur change.

    ohh and you could attatch the coin purse to the wristlet...thatd be soo cute.
  10. I vote wristlet, I love leather + Tattersall. It just works. But I'd vote get 'em both...
  11. imho i like the wristlet.
    I have a legacy coin purse and it would def not fit a cc or license... not sure about the tattersal one..

    too bad they don't have a mini-skinny in tattersall
  12. I always find the zippered wristlets difficult to get things into and out of it. I like the change purse better. It might seem to have less space, but I bet it's more usable space. Can you fit a credit card or DL into it?
  13. I think the coin purse is adorable but the wristlet will fit more. If the coin purse will fit your license or whatever you want to carry I would definitely keep that one.
  14. :roflmfao: Oh yea, you're a good fit for this board.:tup:
  15. BOTH! :biggrin:

    But I like the wristlet more...