which one?????

  1. Hi girls i am new to tpf and i am chanel obsessed. I have a problem i need to choose between 2 bags. The first is a bubble quilt in olive and the second the black large reissue in black caviar. I love that the bubble is less seen around but i love the classic look of the reissue. I am going crazy which should i buy? Also is the soft leather on the bubble super hard to take care of? It's soo hard!:confused1::nuts:
  2. I must be living under a rock, I didn't realize the reissue was done in caviar. I thought it was only distressed lambskin. If you have other more classic Chanels I'd go for the bubble. If you don't I'd go for the reissue- I love how they look!
  3. If it's your first Chanel it should be a flap IMO :yes:
  4. Thanx so much for the quick response girls!!! OK maybe the reissue isn't called a reissue but a hybrid? I think because it has a different chain, and the caviar leather is distressed? Now i am wondering does chanel make a reissue in regular black caviar? Does anyone know? I think i read here that the distressed scratches real easy. Does anyone know where i can find out if chanel makes their reissue in black caviar?:confused1::shrugs:
  5. Well, I have never heard about a Chanel caviar reissue too. Have you tried to take a look at the reference library? Maybe you'll find your bag :smile:
    About the chain, it may be the new chain called bijoux?
  6. i have looked through the library and found a white caviar reissue but it has that new chain that you mentioned. Maybe i need to look harder. It would be on tpf if chanel did make it i'm sure. I will take another look. Thanx so much for your help!!!!;)
  7. By the way i took look at your collection and it is beautiful! You are so lucky! I am excited for you to get your first chanel!!!!! Please post some pics when you get her!:girlsigh:
  8. Sure it's on TPF if it exists! LOL
    Have you found the name of the other bag you like?
    I would go on saying the black flap as it's a bag that you can use much more than olive color, what do you think?
    And what about a petit shopping tote? Or the larger? I also love the Cotton club tote! Well, there is so much to choose that you won't be disappointed :graucho:
  9. HI! I looooove that bag!:woohoo: That is the bag that i was trying to decide between! Does it scratch easily? Also now i am wondering if chanel makes the reissue in regular black caviar with the regular reissue strap? Am i making any sense? I am confusing myself. Anyway would you rather buy a quilted bubble bowler in olive or the bag that flap bag?????:confused1:
  10. I do like the cotton club tote. But there is something about the bubble quilt that captures my heart. It is the bowler style and it is all smooshy and soft and i love it. Maybe i should go with my gut? I think the olive color will go well with black? I tend to wear alot of black in winter and i think the olive will be nice change. I wonder if that leather is hard to take care of though? Maybe caviar is more durable? What do you think?
  11. No reissue in black caviar:nogood:, that's the Jumbo w/bijoux chains & mm lock, I'm not really sure if its caviar leather but I know is a glazed leather which is very durable, as for choices--the flap will prob. give you more bang for your money (sort of speak;)), and the leather is more durable than the bubble quilt lambskin, but both are sooo gorgeous that you can not go wrong..good luck;)
  12. thank you for confirming my question! I really appreciate it!
  13. I would choose the flap. My first Chanel is the medium hybrid distressed leather and it's gorgeous. The leather is softer than the regular caviar IMO. The leather already comes looking a little scratched up (that's why it's called distressed) but that adds to its appeal. And it's really durable.

    BTW, honestly, it doesn't matter what my opinion is, go with your heart. The Bubble Quilt once sold out will be difficult to find, the flaps are usually available. Let us know what you decide and post pics!!!!
  14. My first Chanel was the Jumbo Flap. I think you should get the Jumbo Flap since it is definitely more of a classic. Also, the style will never fade. Also, if you get it in Caviar Leather it is definitely more durable than lambskin.