Which One???

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  1. Hello...I recently purchased a regular hardware natural city but just won an anthracite breif with GH....I can't keep both....which should I keep? Both were great deals...the city was 750 and the breif 900...but I'm saving for a new car so I have to get rid of one..which should it be? TIA!!!:shrugs:
  2. Well which one do you see yourself using more? Do you like dark or light colors? The brief is more shoulder bag friendly but the City has a shoulder strap. If I were you, I would keep the anthracite brief because in general, dark colors are easier to maintain (you won't notice dirt the same way) and anthracite is an amazing chameleon color that does match wardrobes pretty well.

  3. Both are great bags, if you can't keep both, I would sell the City.
  4. My only concern is that the gold hardware might be too trendy? My sister won the anthracite and thats her concern and so she's giving me the option of buying. I already have a chanel classic flap with gold hardware and the stam with gold hardware...so I suppose it already matches with my jewellery..(OR LACK OF lol) but I don't want to end up with 3 out of trend bags...if this gold hardware is just a passing phase?
  5. I have a few bags with gold hardware and they are my favorite bags. I would take giant hardware over regular any day.
  6. Wow, those really are great deals!! I would personally choose the RH natural city because I prefer regular hardware and the city style over the brief (I really don't like how small the brief opening is!) However, I have to agree with amie about the color- I prefer darks over lights because there's less to worry about. And anthracite is beautiful! But I think ultimately I'd go with the city- 750 is a fab deal!! Please post pics when you've decided! :smile:
  7. I would choose the natural City. The leather on most of them was super nice and I think the GH is trendy and will eventually tarnish. Plus it makes it too heavy. BUT choose what you like best on you. What I choose or what someone else chooses really doesn't matter. You have to love :heart:the bag! Natural will stay clean if you spray it with Apple Guard.
  8. I say anthracite because I like the color better, but I agree with others that at some point the GH will go out of style. Maybe if you posted pics we could see the charachter/condition of each bag and have a little more to go on.
  9. you really should ask yourself which appeals to you more. amiekbs8 has tried to be as objective as possible. you may like to note that some ppl have commented that anthra is hard to match, though.

    i personally do feel that GH is great on styles like PT/Brief/Work but i may not want a GH bag for myself. the natural city seems to be a rare find and i happen to like light-coloured bags, regardless the maintenance factor. so, consider all these factors in your decision-making.
  10. although I do love the anthra color, i love the city style more......

    so the natural city gets my vote..........

    good luck deciding :smile:
  11. i like the city and the regular more. which one do you see yourself using more?
  12. I'm such a fan of the city style. I, too, love the option of carrying it on my shoulder or carrying it by the handles. Anthracite is an amazing color, but natural is timeless and versatile. Good luck with whatever your choose!
  13. I think I have pretty much made my decision....as much as I love the Giant Hardware...I would love it even more in silver...I think right now I have too many bags with gold hardware to justify getting another one...the natural is such a nice colour and will match with everything..plus the city is the style that made me love Balenciaga, so natural it is!!! Thanks so much for all your help!! I'll post pictures of both tonight when I get home...too bad I can't keep both :sad:
  14. if i have to choose between those two, i will take the anthracite breif with GH. :tup: