Which one?

  1. My parents said that i could get a new bag and i have three bags i really want.
    Louis Vuitton Trevi
    Balenciaga Motorcycle Le Dix
    Fendi Mini Spy Bag

    It's a really hard decision because they are all really awesome bags. I dont have any fendi or balenciaga yet. so.....
  2. Go check out all of them irl then make a decision. But since you are in an LV thread, you will probably get LV trevi votes!
  3. You have very nice parents!
  4. yeah. i need to do that, the only bag i havent tried on is the trevi. i guess i'll have to do that before i make my decision
  5. lol,
    The LV Trevi.
  6. The Trevi! It's the most expensive. LoL :rolleyes:
  7. Trevi!!! (And if you want an unbiased opinion, you should ask the mods to move it to the general bag forum :;):smile:.
  8. The Trevi!!! It's so cute - trendy but will definitely be a classic.
  9. Balenciaga? hehe, I want one so I'm going for it :graucho:
  10. Trevi!!!
  11. Trevi!
  12. one more Vote for a balenciaga...
  13. hehehe............trevi........although the mini spy sounds oohlala
  14. hate the motorcycle, hate the spy. LOVE THE TREVI!
  15. definatly trevi!!!! i neeed that bag!!!