which one?

  1. ok so a few weeks ago i posted a thread about which bag and these 2 were in it and i thought that i ruled them out...but then after careful consideration i decided to actually rule the other 2 out and pick between the 2 of these. i can't stop thinking about them for some reason. so the question...damier or monogram? :confused1:
    p10022844_ph_hero.jpg p11238866_ph_hero.jpg
  2. Hmmm...tough choice. One major thing to consider is the vachetta. I would go with the damier.
  3. mono
  4. I'd go with mono
  5. After having owned both, I'd say damier. It's an all season/weather bag.:tup:
  6. usually I don't like monogrammed bags, but in this case, that's what I would go with.
  7. I like the damier print better as well as the darker handle. I think it's just as classic as the mono.
  8. I like the Damier a lot better! Probably because I'm not a huge fan of logos.
  9. Damier :tup:
  10. damier...the vachetta needs too much babying...you don't have to worry about the damier.
  11. damier if you want the 30, mono if you want the 25................
  12. if this is your first LV and you aren't picky about how the bag ages, mono, if not, damier.
  13. ITA