Which One?!?!

  1. Ok so i have to pick between vert grazon first, ivory hobo with GGH, and Aquamarine with GGH....which one is prettiest:push:
  2. I haven't seen the two others but I thought the ivory hobo was gorgeous. I think the one I saw was SGH. Have you seen the actual bags?
  3. If size isn't going to sway you either way, then I say the aquamarine. I have only seen the green in person, but oh baby how I wanted the aquamarine!!!!!!
  4. omg the vg all the way! that green is outstanding!!! i get the MOST compliments on my vg giant day than my other bbags!
  5. Size doesnt really matter to me, i really wantted the VG GH hobo but of course its not gonna be avail....i dont really care what size i was thinking about a hobo bc i dont have the style and the ivory looks nice.....the SA said it was gorg in aqua...so i dunno?? i just need opinions...thanks to everyoone for helping :heart:
  6. Aqua w/GGH :smile:
  7. aqua fosho...
  8. Wow you have quite a range of choices. They are all so beautiful! If you are wanting something more elegant/conservative go with the ivory. If you're looking for something casual and fun, go with the aqua. If you are looking for something that's fun yet can be easily dressed up for a night out, I'd say vert gazon. I guess the bottom line is, what fits your lifestyle and needs. When it comes to your question about prettiest...well they are all VERY pretty:cutesy:. GOOD LUCK..keep us posted.
  9. VG would be my choice!!
  10. I vote for aqua GGH then VG...
  11. AQUA with GGH is so pretty! Plus I believe that the Aqua's with the GH have the most saturated color on their leather.
  12. I love LOVE LOVVVVEEE my aquamarine w/ GGH. Here is a pic to tempt you.... lol

  13. aquamarine with GGH!!! i love the gold with the aquamarine soo pretty!!! c'mon look at starsnhevn's pics....aren't u just drooling?? :drool:

  14. :wtf: :drool: HOLY CANOLI!!!! thats gorgeous!!! :heart::heart::heart: your totally making me want the aqua!!! yes bg yoshi i am drooling it gorgeous!
  15. i'd vote goes to the vert gazon first, since i'm not a huge fan of gh although i love aquamarine w/rh