Which one???

  1. Just found this site! I have a small LV collection: I have the Cabas Piano (that I love), Porte Tresor Wallet (love it!) and a Speedy 30...all monogram. I am wanting more of a "tote" and just really like the casual feeling of the the Neverfull MM! Already checked it out at my local LV store! They said they have had lots of inquiries not a "rush" on sales!
    Then I remembered the Vavin, which I was considering when I got the Cabas. Do they still make the Vavin GM??? Saw the PM on eluxury but not the GM.
    Anywhoo, selling my Speedy 30 on eBay now and hoping to get a decent price as I've only carried it a handful of times!!
    Well, I guess the question is which would would you pick..the Vavin or Neverfull?????:confused1:
  2. I would go with neverfull. It is very light, got mine for a work/tote bag and love it!
  3. :tup: Neverfull will be a great choice for you.
  4. for you? neverfull.
  5. Not a fan of the Neverfull, but it gets my vote in this one... it seems like it would fit more than the Vavin.
  6. i would go with neverfull or BH.
  7. the vavin is only cute with that panda on it.
  8. I have the Vavin GM and I am not a big fan of it. Although it appears to be structured, the bottom caves in and slouches. It will not maintain the structure which is a shame.