Which One?

  1. Which charm do you like better? Really wanted the skull but waited too long.:crybaby:
    money.jpg watermelon.jpg
  2. Hands down....Watermelon! I love this charm!! Can’t look at it without smiling. :smile:
  3. Watermelon! Yummmmmm.... Money doesn't taste or look as good. :smile:
  4. yeah, it is more colorful and would look very good on more than one of my bags. :smile:
  5. Watermelon for sure!
  6. Watermelon !!!!
  7. Definitely go for the Watermelon. Unless you have a strange obsession with a cash sign that is. lol
  8. WATERMELON!!! It is SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE and detailed in person!
  9. Watermelon!
  10. Watermelon!
  11. The watermelon one.
  12. Unanimous - watermelon! It's adorable when you see it.
  13. I love the watermelon.
  14. Watermelon, definitely. The color of the dollar sign is cute, but for some reason it's off putting to me because of the message it sends. (I know, I had to go and be all serious about it. *L*)
  15. Definitely watermelon!!