Which one?

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Carly or ergo?

  1. large ergo tote in turquoise

  2. large carly in khaki/saddle

  3. large leather carly in parchment

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm thinking of getting a new bag if I get a pce invite. I'm thinking about either the large ergo tote in turquoise or a carly. I already have a large black leather carly and I love it and get so many compliments on it!

    Here's my dilemma: I love the look of the large ergo tote, but every time I "visit" with it in the store I'm really bothered by how "open" it looks. I'm kind of anal retentive about my wallet and stuff like that falling out of my bag, and the inside zip pocket in the ergo doesn't look large enough to hold my wallet. The carly of course has a zipper, and feels more secure. And I adore the look and shape. But, I already have one. The ergo would add more diversity to my bag collection, and the turquoise color is so great!

    I was thinking either the large Carly in khaki/saddle or parchment leather, or the ergo tote in turquoise. I don't really like the shape of the ergo hobo, which has a zip, as much, although it is beautiful too!

    What would you do? Getting more than one bag is not really an option--hubby would have a heart attack! Does anyone else feel the way I do about the ergo tote, or am I just nuts?
  2. Well I am so loving my Carly, that I couldn't resist a vote for her. I am trying to be very careful as far as keeping my bags closed up tightly when I am out. There was a store recently nearby where someone was snatching wallets out of open style bags. I also don't like if my bag tumbles over and a bunch of stuff falls out.
    Good luck, let us know!
  3. I voted for the Ergo because it would add more diversity to your collection. However, if the openness of the bag will really bother you that much, then you won't be able to enjoy it so don't get it.

    I have the vachetta ergo tote and love it. The openness is so easy to get in and out of when I'm shopping, and I just keep my arm over the opening so no one can reach in and pull anything out. Plus, the large ergo totes are not small bags, if you have it on your shoulder and someone tries to reach in, I think you'll feel it because it's pretty deep and your wallet would be at the bottom.

    As for all your stuff falling out, I haven't had that problem. I guess I don't drop my bag much and it stays on the shoulder so well that it hasn't come up. Plus, it's so large that when it does tip over in the car, nothing has come out.
  4. I like the security of a zipper to keep my bag closed. The Carly in Parchment is a timeless classic that you don't see a lot of. (at least not in my area of the world) All your choices are good ones, makes it that much harder to narrow down the field!
  5. The signature carly is my favorite out of those three.
  6. carly khaki/saddle!
  7. I vote for the turquoise Ergo Tote. I have the Ergo Vachetta tote and love it very much. I never have trouble with my things falling out of the bag. I am purchasing two other Ergo items for the Private Client
    sale and they are the Turquoise Ergo Tote and the Patent Ergo Tote No. 11012 for $398. It is the smaller Ergo tote which is done in patent leather. You already have a Carly, get the Ergo.
  8. I like security also, so I understand where your coming from.
    But as to how you are talking about all the bags it doesn't seem like you'd be truly happy with any of the bags you've listed.
    Is there anything else you might try purchasing?
  9. I really do love the look of all 3 bags; maybe it came across wrong. I saw a lady carrying the large carly in khaki/saddle a few weeks ago and was immediately drawn to it, thinking "that should be my next bag!". But I can't stop thinking about the ergo either...
    And the carly in parchment is sooo beautiful but I'm leaning against it because I already have a few light-colored bags and I tend to be hard on my bags so the dirt factor is there.
  10. I voted for the Carly in Khaki/Saddle...that ones on my list too! :smile:
  11. Ohhh okay. Hmm then my vote goes to the carly in khaki/saddle. it's absolutely beautiful!
  12. I'm voting for the turquoise Ergo. I have it in the medium tote and have never had any issues with security or my stuff falling out. The leather is so buttery soft and the color is beautiful. It will add diversity to your collection.
  13. I would go with the Carly if you're worried about not having a zipper (also a worry of mine) and I would go with the khaki/saddle because you already have a leather Carly and parchment is a light color and could get stained/dirty easily.
  14. I voted for the large signature Carly. I'm dying to have one myself!!
  15. the turquoise ergo tote is still one of my favorite bags, even though I don't have it yet. since you already have a carly, I'd go for that!