Which one?

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  1. Black pst, or the large tote from the baritz collection in black?
  2. Black Pst!
  3. pst =)
  4. Black pst!
  5. black PST - more classic :smile:
  6. Absolutely the PST, because leather bags just last longer than canvas.
  7. I have the pst and love it. It is so classic and so well made.
  8. Fabulous!

    Do you guys know if the pst comes with silver hardware or is it only gold?
    And also, how much does it roughly fit?
    Does anyone have the measurements!?

    This will be my first Chanel bag and hopefully not my last :smile:
    Wait, what the hell am I talking about? This is definately not my last. I hope to own atleast 4 Chanel bags by the age of 20.
  9. Out of the two : PST

    If I were to recommend, timeless shopper in black! The shopper that's in the middle of the PST and GST in size without the leather shoulder pad. I love that tote. It's also a zip top vs. the open top of the PST. Just a suggestion. Good luck on your purchase! :smile:
  10. PST will fit your age better.
  11. pst. for sure.
  12. PST for sure :yes:
  13. pst...and it only comes in the gold h/w.
  14. That sucks. I saw Nicky Hilton with a gst with silver h/w.

    Oh well, guess I'm going to have two black bags with gold h/w...a Chanel and an Marc jacobs.
  15. Do you have a picture of the timeless shopper? I think I'm confusing it with the PST (which I thought had the zippered top).