Which one?? =)

  1. Finally~ I decide to give up finding my dark brown quilted bay bag! I've been searching everywhere I can to look for it, but NO LUCK at all!! :sad: Ok, now I decide to move on to another bag.... or maybe another colour.

    I need your help to choose...

    I saw the smaller size maggie bag the other day and I really like the leather :rolleyes: Maybe I should get the maggie bag instead? Or maybe I should get the black or tan medium size quilted bay bag??? :shrugs:

    Which one you gals perfer?

    I want something different to what I have now... I'm tempted to get the quilted bay bag in tan, but I don't know if the colour will look similar to my cognac silverado or not? I have 3 black bags already, so should I get another colour instead?

    attachment-1.php.jpg index.jpg s625magcbrwa.jpg
  2. Umm... very tough choices! :p I like all of them. The black bay is so striking, the tan is gorgeous too. The leather on maggie is TDF! Oh heck, I'm no help!
  3. Yes very tough!! But I vote Maggie cuz it's more special and yes the leather is scrumptious!!! :drool:
  4. I saw Maggie in person the other day, and she's gorgeous! I have a tracy in that same color scheme, and it matches everything! I think maybe I'd vote for Maggie, or say wait and find the dark brown bay you're pining for. :heart:
  5. I have to say black! I saw it IRL and fell in love with it! I think the black just really shows the quilted bay off the nicest IMO! It's gorgeous!
  6. I have the tan quilted bay and I love it...it matches everything, is much more neutral than it looks in the photo...
  7. :nuts: Can you post a pic please?
  8. by the way, i saw the dark brown quilted bay last thursday in the Neiman Marcus in washington, dc sitting on the shelf...you can call Eyob Shawel, the manager of handbags there, and see if it is still there...202-966-9700...
  9. leanbeanee, I love all of them! Unfortunately, I cannot afford all.

    annettedp & KMSNYC, I really like the leather on maggie bag, but still not sure if I should choose this over the quilted bay bag.

    jag, I agreed the black is very nice too!

    :dots: OMG.. that's why I cannot make up my mind!!!
  10. :wtf: I thought they said they don't have any in dark brown??

    Thanks nomorelawschool :heart:
  11. I love tan quilted bay!!! Looks different from cognac silverado to me :yes:
  12. I like the TAN quilted Bay. She's a beauty. I saw the Maggie in Nordie's and I don't like the functionality of the closure. The SA was demonstrating how frustrated she is with that new style because if you put a little too much in it, it can just fly open. It was just her opinion, but it totally turned me off to this bag. The leather is TDF, but if you can't comfortably have your stuff stay *inside* the bag... what good is it?

    Also, about the color being close to your other silverado... I have 3 different bags all in dark brown. I love all 3 and they are all different styles. I think it's ok to have more than 1 of the same color bag - it means it's a color you will use alot.

    Hope this helps!!! Good Luck! :yes:
  13. love love love the tan quilted bay!!!
    or the ivory one:p
  14. I would definitely go with tan quilted Bay bag. I personally think its more feminine and classic looking than maggie bag.
  15. I think the black probably offers the best bag longevity: it's classic and gorgeous!