which one?

  1. Hey all,

    Need a opinion..i'm thinking to get either a cerf tote(black or dk brown) or a paris biarritz (black or gold) to use as a everyday bag..

    which one do you prefer?
  2. Cerf with CC closure.
  3. Cerf tote for sure! It's a classic!
  4. Cerf tote! It's timeless.
  5. Definitely Cerf with CC closure! I just bought a Black one and I LOVE it!!
  6. Definitely Cerf tote -- either the small one with the silver mademoiselle lock or the cc one.
  7. cerf tote. no contest.
  8. cerf tote, it's beautifull.
  9. cerf, will last forever!
  10. Cerf tote. No contest!
  11. paris biarritz in gold`
  12. Cerf tote
  13. Cerf! Cerf! Cerf!
  14. cerf tote here too!
  15. Absolutely the Cerf tote... I'm partial towards the one with the CC closure as well. :smile: