Which one????


Help me decide!

  1. Khaki/Ebony Signature Mandy

  2. Cotton carly w/ cognac trim

  3. large ergo hobo in the natural leather

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  1. I've wanted the khaki/ebony mandy signature for a long time now, should I take the plunge? or get the large ergo hobo in the special brown leather? or the cotton carly w/ cognac trim??? help!

    Is it stupid to take the plunge with the Mandy and not get leather???
  2. Do you have pics? I don't know what the Carly with Cognac looks like.
  3. The Mandy or Ergo...tough call. Do you have any Legacy pieces? The natural leather is sooooo yummy.
  4. go for the mandy!!!
  5. No, no legacy. I tried the whiskey Mandy but it was too heavy, that's why I'm leaning toward the signature. But $750 for fabric??? I just don't know...
  6. I would vote for the Mandy... but I actually like the Legacy Satchel even better... It is a similiar style, but just seems to have a sleeker look to it. That's my vote, sorry - I know its not on your list!! :p The Mandy may be more practical because of the longer single strap....

    Here's the Legacy Satchel:
  7. Deff the Mandy in those colors! Gorgeous!
  8. Natural Ergo hobo. It's amazing, and very simple.
  9. Get the Mandy in Leather. I would not spend that amount of money on a fabric bag, not even a Coach fabric bag. You will have the leather one for years to come. Good luck deciding.
  10. I voted for the large ergo... I am partial to leather. :smile:
  11. i have 3 mandy's ! :smile:
  12. I say if you're not going to get leather the mandy is out -- you're right it's way too expensive for fabric. That being said, I think the Carly is your best bet..

    Good luck w/your decision :smile:
  13. Def the Mandy 'cause I have the same one!
    It's a GREAT bag!
  14. I love the Carly but I do understand the want for leather when spending that much $$$$