Which one?


Which should I hint for?

  1. Rivets Pochette

  2. Damier Azur Zippy Wallet

  3. Pomme d'Amour Zippy Wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My birthday is coming up! My Mom has hinted that there's and LV something in my future. Most likely an accessory.

    She knows I like Pochettes, and hinted herself at the Rivets Pochette. (I do have the Perfo, Panda and Azur Pochettes, plus the Damier Navona)

    I've hinted at the Damier Azur Zippy Wallet, but then, I also think the Pomme d'Amour Zippy is really cool too.

    So which one?

    Most of my bags are monogram (see link below) but I've been lusting after the Azur lately.
  2. Since you already have a bunch of pochettes, I would go with a wallet. I love both pomme and azur, but since azur will be around for awhile, I vote for pomme!
  3. So, I voted for the Rivets Pochette because I think that it is an interesting bag. However, I also wanted to vote for the pomme zippy because the color is so great. I don't care for Azur much, plus the line is permanent, so you could always get the Azur zippy later, but the Rivets and Pomme are limited time only so I would pick either of them up first (or both!).
  4. I voted for the Rivets pochette!:smile:
  5. I voted for the Pomme zippy wallet. I have it and I highly recommend it. The color is stunning.
  6. Rivets Pochette!!!
  7. pomme zippy!!! or the azur since you're drooling over it ... I just don't like the azur zippy. how about the french purse or koala?
  8. Pomme zippy! Very feminine...
  9. Rivets- looks so great in pochette form!
  10. I love the rivets pochette.
  11. Rivets Pochette!
  12. I voted for the rivets pochette because I saw a lady here (Authentic Lv's are not randomly seen where I live ! !) with that pochette worn across the body with the longer strap and it looked amazing! That golden plate is just soo pretty. i haven't seen any picture on here that do it justice...
  13. Rivets Pochette.
  14. what about a mutlicolor pochette or a lexington for an evening bag?
  15. Pomme Zippy! Love mine:heart: