Which one????


which is your favorite???

  1. azura speedy

  2. BH monogram

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  1. which bag to you like best?
  2. I have both. There is no way I can choose! Each is completely different, but if I could only keep one, it would be the bh. I think the azure speedy looks best in spring and summer. BH is definitely all year round. Both are heavenly.:angel: :love:
  3. I love shoulder bags, so BH for me!!!!!
  4. They are both lovely handbags... that would be a hard choice...Get them both!!
  5. bh is more practical i think, because of the colours, i think if you can afford the azur after the bh then get it xx
  6. I voted BH. I prefer the speedy in mono, epi, or damier.
  7. depends if you're a handbag person or shoulder bag person...
    BH monogram
  8. I'm in love the with azur speedy right now!
  9. I like both also but if I had to choose I'd pick the BH. I prefer shoulder bags. What about the azur saleya?
  10. I would choose BH only because I think mono can be used all year vs azur (to me) looks like spring/summer bag.
  11. i agree. plus you have the shouder-carry option of the BH too.
  12. batignolles horizontal
  13. well I don't like either that much cuz I despise all bags with canvas lining inside... However, I'm going to choose the BH because the Speedy has that annoying and odd looking flap pocket inside :push:
  14. I chose azur because I'm so in love with mine right now.
  15. I like the BH more. It's so practical!