Which one?!

  1. I've been thinking about getting a BH for a while, but then encountered a Multipli-cite yesterday which really caught my eye!! I'm really looking for a bag that will be a great everyday tote, hold lots of stuff, and be comfortable on the shoulder.

    Which one do you girls recommend? Pros and cons of each? Which do you think holds more stuff?
  2. The Multipli-Cite is a great bag! I'd choose that over the Batignolles Horizontal.
  3. The SA recommended the BH for me and at first I wasn't interested. I tried it on and was pleasently suprised at how good it felt. I decided to get it and I gotta say I really like it! I didn't think I would because I usually go for the MC line.
  4. Well, I decided on the Multipli-Cite! :yahoo:
  5. Yay .... Congrats! :wlae:

    She is a gorgeous bag. :heart:

    Post pics up when you get her (if you can). :yes:
  6. I haven't owned the BH or the multipli-cite, but I did own the Viva cite GM and loved it. The strap was super comfy and it holds so much more than it seems it would. They are similar but yours has double straps and more pockets. I've been contemplating this bag myself so let us know how you like it once you use it!!
    I've heard stuff tumbles out of the open top of the BH so you have the advantage of the zip on the multiple. Also, it is more structured and a better looking day or even dressier bag. Very versatile! Good choice!