Which one you would choose-Silver or gold


Silver or gold giant workbag??

  1. Thyme green with gold giant workbag?

  2. Thyme green with silver workbag?

  3. Sahara with gold giant workbag?

  4. Sahara with silver workbag?

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  1. VT with SGH! It's just an unbelievably beautiful combination!!

    I wish you well,

  2. Thyme green with silver workbag
    go for it!
  3. I vote for the sahara GGH... I love the elegance of the combination!
  4. I think Vert Thyme with SGH and Sahara with GGH will the best. If you can only choose one, I would go with VT SGH. I heard Sahara leather is amazing, but the color is too light to me. Please let us know which one you choose. :smile:
  5. I saw a couple of pics here in tPF and I'm loving the Vert Thyme with GSH and Sahara with GGH :love: