Which one you would choose-Silver or gold


Silver or gold giant workbag??

  1. Thyme green with gold giant workbag?

  2. Thyme green with silver workbag?

  3. Sahara with gold giant workbag?

  4. Sahara with silver workbag?

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  1. Hi, hope you ladies can help me??
    Which one would you choose?
    Silver or gold on your sahara workbag ??
    Silver or gold on your thyme vert workbag??:p
    Thanks, it might help settling in with my new Bag??:rolleyes:
  2. Not sure which one I really love the most.?
    I think it`s the Sahara ggh workbag so far, I `m just scared of the
    handles...the dirt will show soon, or how do I keep them clean all the
  3. I voted for both Sahara with SGH and VT with SGH - I really love the silver with both of these colors!!
  4. Silver on both. I've never been able to warm up to the GGH, but the SGH I love. The VT pics we've seen so far with SGH have been gorgeous, and I really like the contrast between Sahara and the silver.
  5. I really love the gold, but mine is beginning to wear off -- meaning it's only lightly plated. Go for the silver!
  6. Are you kidding?! Have you carried it a lot? That just isn't good. I wonder what Bal says about that? :tdown: I wonder if the silver wears off too?
  7. I prefer silver for both :yes:
  8. I've seen your style Swissflower...I think a Sahara with SGH would be a lovely addition to your collection!
  9. So, what color is the GGH fading into? I have 2 bags with GGH and I'm not sure what you mean!
  10. I voted Vert Thyme with SGH, and Sahara with GGH!
  11. sahara with GGH gets my vote.
  12. VT with Gold gets my votes. I think Gold will pop out.
  13. sahara ggh gets my vote, but the gold will tarnish (seen it in person at bal hk), so beware.
  14. Sahara GGH work.
  15. Thanks so much all of you, I voted for the sahara ggh and vert thyme
    gsh, not sure if I like VT with ggh>
    Thanks all of you, wish I could find a sandstone to make my sahara
    craving go away.