Which one you prefer?

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  1. CL nude patent yoyo or simple pump 100 in black:confused1:if you only could get one? TIA
  2. Depends on how you plan on wearing them, what kind of occassions, etc.
    I love both of these shoes.
    I wear my black simple pumps to work almost daily because they are extremely comfortable and are tried and true workhorse shoes. KWIM. They are cute shoes, but nothing extraordinary about them, just basic black shoes with a cute round toe. I like them because of the comfort level. Of course these shoes will also look great with evening outfits, but they won't stand out like the nude patent yoyos. I have several pairs of the simple pumps in the 100mm heel and I love every pair. Although I have noticed that the leather on some of the newer models is much more stiff than in the past, perhaps because of different leather sourcing or factories?

    I rarely wear the nude patent yoyos to work (although they are comfy) but more so because they are so incredibly sexy. I love all the nude patent CL styles, but the yoyo has to be the most comfy, and somehow makes your legs look like they go on for miles. The nude patent leather is perfect because it matches any and every color, so you can wear them with anything.
    I think that both of these shoes are wardrobe staples, and every woman should have one pair of both. Since you can only get one, I think you should base your decision and how often you will be wearing them. If you are looking for an evening shoe that you want to 'impress' in, then my vote is for the nude patent yoyo, but if you are looking for a good workshoe, then go with the simple pump.

    If you order them through saks.com you get a 10% discount, shopsaks10

    Be sure to post pics once you decide which ones you get.
  3. It is tough to decide. Both are wardrobe essentials. Both are very versatile. If you are a more practical person than the simple pump in black would be the best choice. If you like a little more va-va-va boom, then I would get the yoyo in nude.
  4. Hi, Thank you so much Kamilla for explaning it in lenghth. Now I know my choice. Yah, I won't be able to wear them to work and I have other black shoes, so I have to choose the Yoyo. I need the sexy appeal:tup:. would you still get it if you have the nude VP? as I have the VP on preorder.
  5. 4LV, I'm sorry but I am really not the person that you should be asking that question...see my obsession with nude patents below.

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  6. Do you have the VP on preorder through saks.com? So do I and it is taking forever for them to come in. The VP that I currently have is a little snug and I would much prefer the size 39.
    Glad you chose the yoyos, they really are stunning shoes. In photos, they look like ordinary shoes, but when you wear them they are TDF!

    At some point, you should explore the simple pump, they are also a necessary shoe in every womans closet.
  7. I would love to have both also, but it's so bad for my wallet:crybaby:. Thank you for your opinion:P
  8. Yes, I do. I have talked to the sa on line. they are not guarantee that they will have the shoes in? what do you think? will we get it?
  9. The CS rep that I spoke to told me that they are waiting for the vendor to provide another shipment, so it looks like it might be a while longer for them to get manufactured and shipped. I just hope that they come in because mine are just too small :sad: