which one you like better??

  1. large musette in the mono or damier?? Does the damier look to masculine?
  2. I'm not a fan of the Musette, but I think it's prettier in Damier. Not too masculine!
  3. I like it in mono
  4. i like both, sorry no help, i guess i'd get damier though, if i had to pick one, no, not too masculine....
  5. i prefer it in Damier, because it's so big and the Monogram would seem a little loud. and if it's an everyday bag it would be much easier to care for in the Damier
  6. I like both. You should try them on IRL. Honestly.
  7. Mono would be my preference.
  8. damier...it's more refined looking IMHO.
  9. i would pic damier but i was just thinking that and the sac plat would look v pretty in azur
  10. I have it in mono. I rarely use it. They are both very nice though.
  11. damier IMHO. Not masculine whatsoever.
  12. both
    the mono looks amazing with patina on it
    I would buy the damier for me
  13. I'd go for Damier
  14. [​IMG]
  15. They're both nice...but if I had to choose I'd go w/ the Damier.