Which one you do you prefer and why


Which one do you prefer and why ??

  1. Damier speedy 30

  2. Epi speedy 30 moka in titanium hardware..

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  1. Which one do you prefer and why??

    Damier speedy 30..

    Epi speedy 30 moka (titanium hardware)
  2. Epi Speedy in Moka- you dont see them around often...plus I have a few Moka items myself and love the color... IMO
  3. Damier Speedy 30! :smile:
  4. I'm not a fan of epi stuff in general so I picked the damier!!
  5. i both love them, both classy.I only have the damier it's my least favorite among all my bags but I'm always suprised to get a lot of compliments when people see it.
  6. Damier.
  7. i forgot to say why lol.. im not an epi person, that's why :P not very helpful sorry!
  8. Epi moka!!!:love: The color is rare!!!:graucho:
  9. Epi, I like the structure & it isn't a bag you see a lot of esp. in that color.
    I like the size of the Damier better though, the 30can be a bit unwieldy sometimes.
  10. Epi Moka...it's so timeless!
  11. damier, not overly impressed with the moka color
  12. I just LOVE the Damier Speedy!
  13. i like them both... but the damier is just a bit more appealing to me.
  14. i'm not really crazy about the Moka color, and i always feel like the Damier canvas might outlast the Epi leather :shrugs:
  15. Thanks for your inputs ladies..

    I haven't seen moka color in person..arghhhhh it's tough!!