Which one would you sell?

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  1. #1 Apr 16, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2016
    Hello Balenciaga lovers,

    I have three Bal bags- curry classic part time, mineral blue velo with ghw, and a dark grey ( I forgot the name and it kind of look like black to me) city with ghw. And also a metalic edge giant envelop without strap in kind of grey and khaki colour. I use the curry part time the most as it looks nice with jeans plus it fit the most when I am out with my little one. I love the other two colours, and the envelop is so handy when I want to meet my girlfriend without kid's company. I want to sell at least one of them as I am funding for another bag. Love all of them but couldn't make up my mind which one should go.
  2. Since your part time is your most practical/used bag and the City is a versatile color and a classic, and the envelope clutch gives you some non-satchel diversity, I would vote for the Velo. The only thing the Velo does have is the cross body option, so if that is more important to you than having clutch diversity, then I would sell the clutch. But it would be one of those two.

  3. Thanks. I thought about the same too. What make me kind of not letting go of the velo is because I remember how much I wanted the mineral blue colour Bal bag while it was sold out at my local store and I paid custom fee to get it ship to me. And it is sad to let go thinking that I will make a lost quite a bit as I seldom use it.
  4. then what about letting the city go? since it's a popular style you'd likely have an easy time selling it - and repurchasing it, if you ever decided to.