Which one would you rather have?

  1. I want to get another flap, preferably a jumbo size. But I am torn between getting a classic flap or getting a 227 reissue! I keep on changing my mind day in and day out. Which one??
  2. what flaps have you got already? if you have a classic then go for reissue.

    i'm in the same situation trying to choose the perfect flap before the price increase. but as i already have a classic flap i think i will get the reissue expecially it is something different. pretty hard to get IMO compare to classic.
  3. by the way what color reissue are you thinking of getting?
  4. I already have a flap, a black jumbo. My concern with the reissue is that I have noticed that a droopiness or saggy-ness develops on the bottom of the bag. So now I am wondering which bag will hold up better with time. Probably the caviar, no? Rrggh! I cannot decide. I have no idea of what color to get in the classic or reissue. I would love a red or ivory jumbo. I would also love a grey reissue but would most likely get black metallic. I don't know...I don't know!!
  5. I love the classic jumbo flap and have it in various colors, so would say go for that. :yes:
  6. I love both, but you can't go wrong with a classic jumbo particularly in a fun colour.
  7. I love old chain :yes:
  8. Well-the classics will always be there, so I'd go for a reissue!

  9. 227 reissue! :love:
  10. Since you've got a jumbo classic, and sounds like no reissue yet, maybe you should get a reissue?