which one would you pick?

  1. Please help me choose........I got the hyprid flap/courtney cox bag and am in love with it. A few months ago I got the explandable flap and feel that i can not justify keeping both bags. Should I return the hyprid or sell my expandable? I don't know what to do....I love both but I can only keep one. What would you do?
  2. Sell the expandable :supacool:
  3. Keep the hybrid.... I have the jumbo one, and love it.
  4. yes, you seem totally in love with the hybrid, so if you really have to let one go, I would sell the expandable, but with a heavy heart :smile:
  5. sell the expandable and keep the funds for the upcoming S/S! ;)
  6. agreed...sell the expandable.
  7. I vote to keep the hybrid too!
  8. thanks ladies! i was leaning toward selling the expandable......with your help i have made my decision. Thanks a bunch!