Which one would you pick?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    As some of you know, I bought a bag recently with a defect. Well, I didn't get to the store yet but I am having serious doubts about which bag to get!

    I love the one I have (wide bowling bag...pics are in "Defect?" post...sorry, don't have any pics on me!) but I also love, love, love the classic flap in caviar leather. I love the first because it's roomy and the second one because it's dressier and it's "classic".

    Which one do you like better???

    Thank you so much for your help!
  2. IMO, I'd get the bowling bag. It's a lot roomier than the classic flap. I had a black caviar once. It's not as roomy and my wallet didn't fit well so I ended up returning it. If you ever go for the classic flap, I'd go for the large or jumbo size.
  3. i have the medium caviar classic.. its wonderful. look at ur collection though. if you have some classic styles, go with the everday bowler bag. if you want something that is dressierbut will use less, classic. i wish i got the large so i can use mine everyday, but im just saving for a new reissue in the summer:smile: good luck!
  4. I prefer the classic in caviar. I think the bowling bag is more *trendy* so it won't have as much longevity as the classic.
  5. I prefer the bowling, one of the best styles in cambon collection in my opinion!
  6. sorry didn't mean cambon collection, forgot which bowling we were talking about! haha but still the bowling would be my choice! :smile:
  7. both! ok, if you can only choose one for now i'd say the bowling bag you showed in the pics - i think it's just wonderful and would love to get one myself. try them both on in front of a mirror and see which one feels and looks better and better suits your purpose. i have a medium tote cambon for everyday work and the grand shopping in caviar which i like for weekends and work days when i have to carry files for meetings. i think bigger is probably better.
  8. i love the bowling!
  9. I like the bowling bag! I only like the classic flap in the JUMBO size. I guess it depends on which one you're going to get the most use out of.....
  10. Thank you for all your suggestions, fellow PFers! I don't know what I would do without you!

    I decided to keep the bowling bag! There is something about the shape that I absolutely love. I do love the classic in caviar but, like the SA said to me today, I have all my life to buy it (I'm sure she was honest about it because the classic flap is 1.5 times more expensive than the one I got)! So, I decided that it'll be my next purchase! :lol:

    And I don't think bowling bags are trendy. But even if they were, the Chanel ones will always be in style for me. Because they're Chanel (:love:) and I love, love, love the shape!

    Thanks again! :biggrin:
  11. The medium classic flap in black caviar leather is a timeless piece. I simply love mine. Bowling bag you can do everyday and more casual, the flap is a bit dressier:smile:
  12. i am glad you decided to keep the bowling bag and are happy. i also happen to love the medium caviar 2.55 but think its dressier and more for evening. however, it will be my next bag, i hope. i opted for the caviar shoulder tote in black and am so in love with it. i use it every day and can transition from day to nite.
    i agree with you, the bowling bag is not trendy.you just can't go wrong with any chanel in my opinion.