which one would you pick o/s muse or rive gauche??

loves it all

Sep 14, 2008
I want to get a Ysl bag, but which one the oversize muse or rive gauche? Can anyone tell me where to get one in a bargain price? I want one,but of course at a discount.(who wants to pay full price).Thanks so much. :confused1:

p.s. I am new to the Ysl forum. I usually am in the fendi forum. I just got a new spy bag, so I don't need a new bag, but who really needs anything. :shrugs:


Jul 22, 2007
I personally love the Rive Gauche. If you go with the goatskin, the leather is so soft, I love how slouchy it is and the shoulder strap makes it very practical. It's just a chic, sophisticated and yet understated bag.

The Muse on the other hand is iconic YSL and a true classic for the brand so I could definitely understand why you would want that to be your first YSL! If you go with the Muse, I would recommend going with the OS size, too, because that one really captures the distinctive shape.

Both pop up on Bluefly at discounted prices although ch33klet is right in that the Muse, especially OS, is harder to come by there.


-for YSL!
May 23, 2006
Congrats on your new spy bag!

It depends on what you are looking for...the classic bag that really stands out or the more practical RG that can easily be worn over the shoulder.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to get!


Jan 12, 2008
Hi loves it all, are you happy with your Spy btw mine proved to be the worst bag I 've ever bought in the sense that the leather discoloured and now looks really bad so I think I will stick to YSL bags from now on ;). But back to the point, o/s muse is more difficult to carry I find and can get pretty heavy if you put too much stuff in, on the other hand the Rive gauche has slightly longer handles plus the strap. The new pebbled patent leather looks adorable and it's very resilient as well.
I would go for the Rive gauche personally but it's a matter of choice.
Good luck!
when i was about to buy my first ysl I was also deciding between the os muse and the rive gauche and I eventually got the os muse in patent black during the gift card event at saks :P Managed to get a $400 giftcard for my second purchase...if you are looking for a bargain perhaps you can consider getting it during saks f&f which is coming up real soon and its usually 25% off :yahoo:


Mar 19, 2008
I have the black patent os muse and I love it and plan to use it for a very long time. I think it is just a classy beautiful bag and that would be my choice! I waited for a sale and had my sa promise to call if it ever happened but as others have said, it is a classic and rarely would go on sale. I finally had to give up waiting because I NEEDED it! NM is having double points (I think this is the last day) so this would be a good day to buy it!