Which one would you pick? 06 truffle or 07 cafe? please help!

  1. Hi ladies!!
    still on my quest in searching for my very first balenciaga city..

    so I have 2 choices..

    06 truffle for $1165 USD (used twice only)
    07 cafe for $1040 USD (brand new)

    which one would you pick ladies? please help me choose:confused1: :heart: :heart:
  2. ^^ definitely the '07 cafe!!! :wlae:

    p.s. and $1040 is an absolute steal!!!
  3. The CAFE for sure, I had one and it is stunning, stunning, stunning..not a big fan of truffle, IMO they are not as pretty IRL. You cannot go wrong w/ the cafe..it is simply gorgeous and plus it's brand new/cheaper right..
  4. Truffle gets my vote. Cafe is very dark and at night looks almost black, BUT since the Truffle is so much more then maybe go with Cafe. There are some Truffle City bags still available new.
  5. I agree w/Powerpuff. I looked on ateliernaff & I like the Truffle alot more. In the sample swatched the Cafe looks exactly like the black swatch. Of course this could not be the case IRL.
  6. Fennel, they're both beautiful. I would go wtih how you're going to use it. Given your lifestyle and where you're going to take it, which would you prefer -- a mid-brown or a dark brown?
  7. ^^ true, cafe is a really rich, dark brown that can sometimes look black...but it's such a chameleon color & changes under different light :tender:...that's what i love so much about it, it's like there are different layers of color beneath the surface, just waiting to pop out when the light hits them :love:
  8. Sorry, I'm a newbie and am trying to find my first bbag (City). Is the 07 leather better than the 06? Thanks for your help in advance!!

    I think the cafe is much prettier!
  9. ^^ welp, i think the leather varies from color to color & sometimes from bag to bag :smile:...so, i don't ever judge a b-bag by the year, because there are great bags from all of them :tender:...although, i have become a big fan of the older colors from '04 & '05 (which are the softest i've felt) :heart:
  10. 07 cafe! love how rich the color appears!
  11. I'd go for Cafe! :smile:
  12. Get the cafe! I have a cafe city and I love it! It's such a beautiful color!!
  13. the Cafe! it's such a rich colour. can't go wrong. :heart:
  14. OKAY!! that's it :biggrin:

    CAFE it is!!

    thx ladies :p :heart:
  15. I like both colors but Cafe gets my vote since its cheaper