Which one would you keep??


Which one should I keep knowing I'm getting a SS White City with SGH

  1. FW 06 White Twiggy - winter white

  2. SS 07 White Work - bright white

  3. Both!!

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  1. I need some help deciding on which one of these bags to keep. Here's some info to help you help me decide.

    1) F/W 06 White Twiggy - I used this bag throughout the summer whenever I was wearing white or light colours in my outfit. The leather is softer than the work but Im wondering of thats because of use. What I dont like is that it is more of a winter white, not paper white like the Work. I will DEFINITELY be buying a SS 08 White City with SGH so I'm wondering if that will replace the Twiggy as my everyday white bag. On the other hand, what would I wear if I was wearing Gold? (which I dont wear very often)

    2) S/S 07 White Work - I love the brightness of this white but it is stiffer leather than the Twiggy. Again, wondering if its from lack of use becuase I literally have not used it once :shame:. Although I havnt used it yet, I have plans to use it for Work functions in the summer and as a summer travel bag when wearing light colours. Until I had this bag I always felt there was something missing from my bag collection when I travelled in the summer. It wont get nearly as much use as my Black Work and it wont be an every day bag but I there is just something about it I love and am struggling to let it go!

    Please help knock some sense into me and make the right decision. Or do I just keep them all?! :s
    twowhites2.JPG twowhites.JPG whitetwiggy.JPG whitework.JPG
  2. Your comments on the bags seem to weigh pretty evenly - which makes me think that you want them both.
  3. since you will be getting a city which would be more of your everyday kind of bag then i would let go of the twiggy. good luck in your decision!
  4. Okay...another Torontonian weighs in....

    You definitely cannot let the white Work go....you've said yourself you love the brightness of that white. And of COURSE it will break in nicely when you start using it regularly.

    Yes, your, New City with SGH will replace the Twiggy which you yourself said isn't your favourite white.

    Now, re: your "wearing gold" issue....you said you don't wear it that often. When you do wear it, how much do you wear? If you don't wear serious bling - lol - I really and truly don't believe that the silver hardware on your City will be an issue. I'm a little matchier, matchier than a lot of poeple and I wear both silver and gold, and I have to say that that is one thing I don't "mark" people on! :p Jewellery and handbag hardware definitely (IMHO) don't have to match.

    There...better?? :rolleyes:

    Oh...and given the fact that summer lasts approximately 15 minutes here, you'd probably get more use out of another colour bag. A white Work and a white City with GSH should serve you well...until you move to Miami!!
  5. I would keep Both!
  6. i like the twiggy.
  7. [​IMG]

    i know i'm not of any help but i love the white of the twiggy and the size of the work. but if you don't like the winter white, why not hold on to the twiggy until ss08 when you can (and want to) replace it?
  8. I love them both so I can't decide which I would let go. Sorry not much help here
  9. the white work is gorgeous, i'd keep this one, the twiggy is cute but less stunning. good luck with your decision. this is a tough one.
  10. I personally think winter white is GORGEOUS and prefer it over bright white, but if you're getting a city, maybe you should let go of the twiggy since it's function is more similar to a city.
  11. I would let the twiggy go...being a Canadian I understand the weather issue...and the first post was right...summer is only 8 minutes!!!!
  12. I like them both, a lot! But I really like big bags so I'd keep the Work.
  13. I voted for the twiggy only because I like the style better ... I prefer the work in darker colors, like violet:graucho:
  14. I love white bags. I voted for Twiggy because the work doesn't have a strap and even with Apple Guard I think eventually these handles will get dark. Both are beautiful!
  15. I'd keep the Work, love bright white!