Which one would you keep?work sgh or rh Violet???

  1. Well another snag for me....which one should I keep??:confused1:

    GSH or RH??? Work?? VIOLET:confused1:
    Both work bags are fantastic, but I`m not sure which is more me?:sad:

    I think I love the gsh, but I believe most of you ladies fancy the rh, right?
    Can you help?
    I have a pic of my gsh, but not the rh , because It is still coming.
    Thanks for your opinion.:upsidedown:
  2. this one is a hard one. i am always a classic style kind of girl so i would nornally vote for the regular HW but the violet work in giant silver HW is so pretty. do you care about the weight? i see myself using the rh forever but maybe in a couple of years, i would get tired of the SGH. my vote goes to the rh then.
  3. Thanks Robotdoll....I think so the same....but need more input.
    Who else ?:rolleyes:
  4. I like the gsh more because it does not have the tassels. I'm always afraid I'd snag those things and they'll break off ... so most of my bbag's have the gh.
  5. RH! I have a black PT w/ sgh , and a violet city w/ rh. THe violet (IMHO) will always be a classic.
  6. RH, definitely...
    the GSH is going to go out and you'll get sick of it sooner or later.
  7. I like both RH and GH bags. I have both a GSH City and an RH step in Violet. However, I think that the GH Work is particularly gorgeous. The big studs just seem to bring out the colour of the leather. I would keep that.
  8. I'm a RH girl, and don't like GH personally, so definitely RH.
    It's classic and timeless.

    Also, the weight would bother me so much! Keep the RH!
  9. Even if the GH are great with violet...I always prefer rh :smile:
  10. another subjective one. imo, GH is nice on certain styles only. but yes, GH does enhance or bring out some colours. i recently read and liked what a tPFer said about compromising on the bag's character when the hardware pops out too much (not ad verbatim but my own words). but it's really your preference. if GH is your thing, it's your thing ;)
  11. This is a hard one. The violet color is soooo gorgeous on its own. I think this is a color bag we will be carrying for years so I would lean towards the more classic rh. I do love the sgh on the violet work bag though. So I guess the question is - are you wanting a classic (rh) look or a bag w/more of an edge (sgh). I think in the end I would choose rh. Good luck, let us know which you choose.
  12. IMO you need to ask yourself the question. Keep the one you love best not the one a poll might show as most popular. That said, I like the violet sgh work a lot, but I'm European and like the more understated chic look, so I vote for the rh. I have a violet step in rh and use it all the time. Good luck!
  13. Violet SGH is absolutely stunning, however it is so stunning that I feel it's too much. It makes me uncomfortable when my bag overpowers everything else. Violet is such a pretty color on its own so I would choose (and did choose) RH!
  14. Thanks so much for all the helpful input, I really do appreciate it.
    Thanks so much you all.:heart:

    One thing is sure, I know it depends on me what I like, the problem is, I like too
    many things.:confused1::s
    I do prefer the gsh, because it `s so gorgeous and flashy, that is how I sometimes
    feel and I`m also european, I wore things like that a lot, back in Switzerland.:upsidedown:

    But here in the US (especially) the NW, I feel it stands out too much and looks
    out of place, people here in the NW wear dark gloomy clothes, I think because of the
    weather, so I am more comfortable to fit in or blend in.
    So I will go down to Barneys today to try on some rgh workbag to give it a try.

    Unfortunately that store has no violet `s at all.:cursing:
    But I will try on a grenat work , which I used to have:girlsigh:.
  15. It sounds like you actually prefer the sgh? You can still wear "dark gloomy clothes" but it would look so hot with an sgh bag IMHO!