Which one would you get?

  1. Which one is better this one : Coach - STRAW BASKET

    or the Reversible signature stripe tote in punch?

    I want it for my cozumel trip and spring/summer everyday purse.... THanks
  2. oooo i really really like the straw basket! id say go with that one. :nuts:
  3. I love the reversible tote!
  4. punch tote!!!
  5. i love them both. the straw basket is a GREAT spring/summer purse, but idk about everyday use... but that's just me.

    i say GO FOR THE PUNCH TOTE! they're selling out fast, i hear.
  6. My vote's for the straw basket. :yes:
  7. I'd get the straw basket, but that is just me. I like that I could use it for knitting. I have a purse in Punch and love that color too....not helping huh? LOL
  8. punch tote. You can use it all the time.
  9. punch tote!
  10. Straw basket! :yes:
  11. ok i got 4 for Straw purse and 6 for Punch Tote........ Good thing I already have the Punch Tote! lol :p