which one would you get?

  1. Would you get a framboise vernis agenda or a black mc agenda?? TIA:smile:
  2. I prefer framboise.
  3. The framboise vernis agenda! Just cuz I :heart: the color!
  4. framboise! I am in LOVE with the color!!
  5. I'd say Framboise
  6. well since I have a black mc i'd get the vernis.. :smile:

    if i didnt have an agenda already i'd still go with the vernis i think.. just because its so bright and cheerful looking.
  7. Framboise!
  8. both are wonderful, hard choice!!!
  9. Framboise. Speaking of agendas, does anyone know which Filofax calender refills fit the small size Mono agenda?
  10. thanks guys...the framboise one was my first choice, the one I was probably going to get, then I found a black mc on eBay, that I was thinking of getting instead. But, I think I will wait and purchase the vernis one, since its what I really want.;)
  11. cant wait to see pic's...
  12. What else do you have? What kind of bag will you be using it in?
  13. Good choice...:yes:
  14. I think you made a good choice. Either way, you couldn't go wrong.
  15. Framboise! I just got the coeur for V-Day and it is stunning! Juicy!! And you'll be glad you did when they don't have them anymore. I think black mc will stay for a long time (just MHO).