Which one would you get??

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  1. My DH is getting an agenda for me for VDay. I wanted the pomme vernis small ring agenda until I saw on fashionphile the mono t&b small ring agenda. I don't know which one to get. What do you think?
  2. pomme!!!!
  3. Of course I'll say Pomme. You can get another Mono T&B accessory.
  4. pomme
  5. Pomme!
  6. Pomme for sure!
  7. Thank you mcg3897, gre8dane, sammix3, awhitney, milwifey5863. I just love the big round label on the T&B agenda.
  8. Pomme~!! :tup:
  9. Thank you s324k.
  10. Pomme!!
  11. Pomme
  12. Thank you charleston-mom.
  13. Thank you AngelBABY84.
  14. pomme!!! the trunks and bags logo can wear off and chip off
  15. pomme is sooo much prettier