which one would you get?

  1. a seafoam or metallic pink?
  2. SEAFOAM!!!!! :love::heart:
  3. Seafoam! *drool*
  4. Seafoam!!!!
  5. after seeing the metallic pink IRL yesterday, i'd say SEAFOAM!!!
  6. thanks, guys, i might be able to get one!!!!!:rolleyes:
  7. Hands down, bij - seafoam!
  8. thanks, mimi. just saw your seafoam. you have quite a collection! which one is your fav???
  9. Definately seafoam!!:heart: :heart:
  10. thank you! it's impossible to choose -- but seafoam is deeeefinitely up there!!!!! :heart:
  11. seafoam!! What size are you getting?
  12. SEAFOAM!!!! OMG bijin, after you get it, please post pics of your updated family pic :biggrin: I love your bbags!!!!
  13. Definitely SEAFOAM :graucho:
  14. Seafoam Seafoam Seafoam!! *hyperventilates* :shame:

    Go get it girl! Lord knows I've worked my butt off trying to get one! No luck yet though! *crosses fingers*
  15. i am going for what everyone is already saying, a seafoam..