which one would you get?

  1. I'm trying to decide between the Manhattan GM or the black denim Cabby GM. Which do you prefer for an everyday bag. Thanks for your help;)
  2. black denim Cabby GM!
  3. the manhattan GM is quite heavy but absolutely tdf and for most you could still carry it on the shoulders ... the denim cabby GM is not as heavy and can be carried on the arm, by hand, on the shoulders or cross body ... hmmm, for a busy lifestyle and if you have kids, I guess I suggest the denim cabby GM.
  4. Black denim cabby GM. I have the MM and love, love, love it!
  5. Cabby!!!!
  6. cabby for sure!
  7. Another vote for the cabby.
  8. Manhattan!!!
  9. cabby!!!!
  10. The Cabby! So versatile and gorgeous, plus no vachetta!
  11. MANHATTAN vote here.
  12. Manhattan vote here as well. :tup:
  13. I don't have either, but everytime I see the black denim cabby, I'm like :amazed:
    it's tdf
  14. definitely the CABBY!
  15. my vote is cabby too:tup: