Which one would you get?

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Wallet for a BF?! Which one?

  1. Damier Canvas

  2. Monogram Canvas

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  1. Which one for for a BF?


    1 or 2
  2. Voted monogram coz i'm not a big fan of damier, lol.
  3. Damier canvas.
  4. I love the look of Damier.
  5. I have a Monogram wallet but am really starting to like the Damier. I want my next wallet to be Damier. So, I vote for Damier.
  6. I said Damier, A lot of small Mono accessories look fake to me, even if they are real lol. jmo
  7. In my opinion Damier would be a more appropiate for a man.
  8. Most men (especially if they are not really label conscious) would probably prefer the damier pattern, since it doesn't "scream" LV....but
    it all depends on the man you are buying for......
  9. i voted for damier. i bought the same one for my fiance
  10. I would go for the damier canvas, but I would caution you that if your BF is one that likes to stuff his wallet full to the max it may have a tendancy to crack along the edges. If he stuffs and keeps alot of stuff in it a leather wallet is really the only way to go like utah
  11. althought don't own either...damier for sure
  12. I like Damier for men.
  13. Damier! that's what I got for my bf
  14. I vote for damier. I think it looks more masculine.
  15. Damier for a guy :yes: